Florian Boehnisch

How bad do you want it?

When you get as bad as you want to be successful to get some air, then you be successful.image
The only thing you care is to get some air.
When you get to the point, you want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe, then you be successful.
Most of you want to be successful, but you don’t want it bad.
They want to party, they want to be cool, they want to be successful. But you must give up everything to be successful.
You be successful if you even forget to eat.
The only real bad opportunity is yourself.
If you feel like you’re in hell, then you be successful.
I’m still here because I want to fight, because that’s what living is.
Then, we can stand there and say ‚We kicked the shit out of us‘.
Then, we can climb out of the hell and go into the light.
That’s the fuckin difference between winning and losing, between living and dying.”

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